Our teachers:

Our Kingswood Oxford faculty is extraordinary by every measure. These educators and staff give their time, talent, wisdom, and creativity to KO students and the greater community every day, and it is their influence that shapes KO’s unique culture.  They know their students well, building relationships with them that have impact long after graduation. Through the work of these educators, the values of belonging, intellectual curiosity and supportive exploration enable students to think critically, respect the opinions of others, challenge their assumptions, and lead lives of integrity. 

To attract and retain the professionals who do so much for our students, we must fully support their work. Kingswood Oxford teachers give of themselves far beyond the last class of the day — to early morning conferences, after-school advice, extracurricular leadership, coaching, and cultural enrichment. 

Our strategic plan calls for us to honor their commitment to our children and invest in our faculty by providing them with competitive salaries, benefits and opportunities for professional development that stimulate their continued learning and creativity. 

Seize the Day will allow us to:

What is the magic of KO? It’s the people. It’s the commitment of the faculty to know the kids and know the families and create that safe place where they can be challenged and grow academically and individually.

Michelle Caswell
Upper School English Teacher