Innovate, Engage, Excel:

Students engage and learn best when they have choice, learn by doing, understand the purpose of what they learn, and can see the impact of their work. To attract students and families and provide the pathways to academic excellence and personal growth, we must consistently invest in programs where they can create, innovate, and prepare to lead in the world they will inherit.   

Our Seize the Day campaign will invest in creating new centers of learning for our students in the Middle School and the Upper School. These programs will engage students in real-world challenges, exploring solutions within and beyond the classroom. Our new signature programs and courses will begin with an authentic question or problem. The coursework will be interdisciplinary and touch the local community in some way. Students will be positioned as agents and drivers of their own learning.

Building on the future-focused skills like collaboration, communication, and creative problem-solving honed in the Middle School, the Upper School IMPACT LAB courses will teach students to value experimentation and knowledge creation. Leveraging community assets, students learn to apply their skills to impact those around them and to lead with empathy and curiosity.

Seize the Day will allow us to: