Celebrating tradition and

embracing the future.

Investing in Our People, Program & Place

In 2019, Kingswood Oxford developed a strategic plan centering around how students learn best and how we can prepare them for success in college and beyond. To achieve this goal, our Seize the Day capital campaign will invest in the people, program, and place that will enhance every student’s experience so they may reach their full potential.

The Seize the Day campaign will support our faculty’s growth and development to remain on the leading edge of best practices for deep learning in the classroom. Armed with this knowledge and vision, the teachers will, in turn, develop programming that sparks curiosity, joy, and authentic engagement while students apply their learning to real-world problems and situations.

The new Community Commons will be a place where this learning comes alive – through collaborative and flex spaces designed to foster creativity and an exchange of ideas.

These initiatives directly support our mission of inspiring every student to excel. With your support, together we will Seize the Day so that future generations of Wyverns will continue to have transformative opportunities to learn, grow, and flourish.


Campaign Progress

As of May 1, 2024

We are a deeply caring, academically enriching day school community where the people who bring learning to life, the programs that nurture that curiosity and growth, and the places where that magic happens are integrated into a day school experience like no other.

Tom Dillow, Head of School

Campaign Leaders

Bradley Hoffman ’78
Seize the Day Campaign
Gayle Temkin
P’23, ’25
Seize the Day Campaign
Jeffrey Gitlin ’85
P’11, ’13, ’17
Board Chair
Mary S. Martin ’77
P’17, ’20 Board Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Gil Keegan ’88
P’22, ’27
Avery Rockefeller III
P’00, ’02
Emeriti Co-Lead
Marc Shafer ’75
P’08, ’15, ’17
Emeriti Co-Lead
Tom Dillow
P’21, ’22, ’26
Head of School
Dina Plapler
Director of Institutional Advancement