Karen Diaz Meaike

P’19, ’22 and Board Member


KO is an amazing combination of the best education but in such a hands-on environment. The teachers and staff are such an integral part of every student’s life, and you never know which person or what program will have a major impact or shift on that student. The quality of the teaching and the quality of the interaction is so very important. At the same time, you can’t succeed by providing a 1990s education in the 2020s. KO’s legacy is about family and community, but it’s also about futuristic thinking and growth. The Commons project is just one of many great things that will contribute comprehensively to their student body and their academic success. I expect it will be a giant leap in transforming the campus for the better. I really appreciate what KO has done for my kids, and I hope to be able to be a part of that for as long as I can.