Michelle Caswell

Upper School English Teacher

KO supports students as full human beings. We support them academically, socially, in their athletic or artistic pursuits, and in building character. As a day school, we are uniquely situated to do this because we partner closely with families. Therefore, we understand the totality of the student’s experience at home and school.

KO is a unique special learning environment because we are not just delivering or completing content, but we are thinking about how students can best achieve their goals. We place a lot of value on self-reflection and meta-cognition, so the students ask themselves, “What strategies did I use that worked well?’ We focus on the whole self as it relates to success and achievement.

Working at KO is fantastic. My colleagues are highly collaborative, and they have an incredible wealth of knowledge. They are the first people I reach out to when I need any kind of personal support or support on campus. The fact that we have a program like the Baird English Symposium where we bring in and work with world-class writers is unbelievable; it doesn’t exist anywhere else. Supporting these signature programs even more will be a tremendous win for the students and teachers. I am deeply grateful and excited about those opportunities moving forward.