Leilani Moyano ’26

I’ve been in the KO community since sixth grade, and from the get-go, I felt supported by my advisors, teachers, and coaches. KO does a great job injecting very important people into your everyday life, whether in the classroom, on the field, or in any setting. Sometimes, that was just fostering conversations if my coach noticed that I needed it or if I approached my teacher or advisor myself.  Mrs. Jane Repp was my advisor from seventh grade to eighth grade. And she was also my sixth-grade math teacher. I definitely struggled a lot in math in my earlier years at KO. But she always welcomed me with open arms, and I was very comfortable talking to her. She definitely guided me. My math skills are much better now! 

Everyone here wants you to succeed. And I think that’s what makes it such a special place and a place that people want to go to. It makes me want to go to school every day. 

I love the plans for the new Commons. I think it’s important for students to have a place where they can be quiet, do their homework, study, and utilize the library simultaneously. And you know, sometimes having quiet spaces in study rooms is important.

I am someone who really benefits from silence because that’s how I focus. Right now, it can be hard to find a time or a space even to meet when we’re doing more collaborative work or when you just want to study with your friends. I think investing in the future of KO is important because the school has so much to offer students, and it’s important to keep that going. When it’s my turn, I want to be like the other very distinguished alumni who are off doing amazing things!